Vermont Moose Down

Vermont Moose Down

Not long after the Vermont moose lottery draw results were posted, I received a phone call from a gentleman in New Jersey who had drawn a tag for the southern zone.


I immediately started scouting the area that I was very familiar with and put out many cameras. This bull showed up as soon as he had shed his velvet, at the end of August. I continued to get pictures of numerous other bulls, but none quite as big as him.

After many hours of Scouting and preparation, the first day finally arrived. It was a very cold, clear morning with heavy frost on the ground. I had 2 particular areas in mind where I thought the bull was spending most of his time. We called the first location at first light with no response, but we found him in the 2nd location. He is an awesome Vermont moose weighing in at 864 lbs and 54 3/4" wide!... Congrats to Pierce for taking a southern Vermont giant!!!

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2 Responses to “Vermont Moose Down

  • Chris Will
    5 years ago

    Congrats on the VT moose! Do you guide there? I’ve searched for guides in the state and haven’t had any luck finding any! I apply in Maine, VT, and NH. Hopefully someday I’ll draw in each one since I’ve applied in each for years. Just took a nice moose in British Columbia last week. I’m hooked bad! Again congrats on the nice moose!

    • Thanks, Chris! This hunt was guided by Jeremy Ballantine.

      Jeremy is our guide in VT. He’s been guiding since high school and has run 100% shot opportunity on his guides. When you draw your tag, give us a call!

      Check out his bio on our staff page –

      Congrats on your BC moose!