Top 3 Factors when Buying a New Hunting Bow

Top 3 Factors when Buying a New Hunting Bow

With all the choices we have in archery equipment on the market, don’t forget these 3 basic requirements before spending your hard earned money on a new bow.

Axle to Axle length: When first looking at a new bow, consider the models that best suit the style of hunting you do most. A lot of bow hunters want a short axle to axle bow for easy maneuvering in a tree stand or ground blind. Other hunters who hunt on foot, covering ground in the mountains, may choose a slightly longer axle to axle setup. The pros and cons are to be decided by each individual. Shorter length bows may be easier to operate in tight spaces, yet it may be a little less forgiving than a longer axle to axle model. The hunter stalking its quarry, may have shot opportunities much farther than a whitetail hunter in a stand, so the added forgiveness may become a priority.

IMG_0147Proper draw length: Probably one of the most important parts to shooting a bow accurately is proper draw length. As a good starting point, when you draw your bow, your release hand should have a solid anchor point somewhere near the corner of your jaw bone. The bow arm should be straight out, no flex in the elbow and the grip on the bow should be loose. I like to have the bend in the string just behind the corner of my mouth, and the string touching the end of my nose. We all have different shaped faces, hands and noses so your anchor point is not necessarily the same as your friend’s. The main thing to realize is that it has to be a repeatable, comfortable anchor that allows you engage your back muscles at full draw and to build muscle memory so when drawing on an animal, you are on autopilot.

Poundage: How much do you need?  More importantly, I think you should ask yourself, "what species will I be hunting?" With the advancement of the modern compound, quality arrow materials and broad heads, a bow hunter doesn't need heavy poundage to successfully harvest any of the 29 North American big game species. That being said, you can never have too much performance when hunting large game animals such as elk, moose, and bears. One way to boost performance in arrow penetration is to shoot as much poundage as you can comfortably draw smoothly, without having to struggle or make excess movement. (Check with your state’s regulations about draw weight requirements.)

There are many more details that go into a proper setup such as tuning, arrow selection, broad heads, as well as which style sight and release aid best suits your needs. Follow us online and stay tuned to In Pursuit 365 for more technical tips and hunting tactics as we get closer to that glorious time of the year we've all been waiting for. 

- Jeremy Ballantine

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