JEREMY BALLANTINE - Guide from Dover, VT

As a native Vermonter growing up in the southern part of the state, I’ve been obsessed with being in the outdoors as long as I can remember. I harvested my first turkey when I was 8 years old, and my first whitetail soon after.  At my current age, I continue to spend every minute of my free time in the outdoors trapping, scouting, fishing or hunting.  I started guiding for moose and turkey part time just a few years out of high school and with that I have run 100% shot opportunity since I began.  I have been fortunate to hunt from Western Colorado to Maine. In my opinion, I feel each state offers its own set of challenges.  I hope through video we can show you those challenges and how to overcome those instances to become successful. I appreciate your support and thank you for following In Pursuit 365.

JOHNNY BROWN - Guide from Bedford, NH

Anybody who gets a taste of what successful hunting is about will agree it's what keeps most of us alive with the anticipation of seasons to come. If it's running down gobblers in the spring, trying to pattern a buck I am after, hunting bears in the early fall, or calling in a monster bull with team members it's what keeps my blood pumping. It's a healthy addiction that I won't ever quit and drives me to be in the outdoors mentally & physically 365 days a year. I am thrilled to be part of a unique team of hunters who don't limit ourselves on the species we hunt. We are looking forward to sharing our success and hope you enjoy our past, present and future hunts to come.

JASON ASHE - Business Development from New York

Jason Ashe is Content Manager at The Hunting Page, and manager of The Hunting Page & The Predator Page FB Pages. Jason is an avid whitetail deer enthusiast and avid hunter from the finger lakes region of New York. A veteran social media specialist in the outdoor industry and habitat specialist with Mid-Lakes Whitetails, Jason has been featured in such publications as Quality Whitetails and been paired with hunting greats in Outdoor Life for his knowledge and passion for hunting mature deer. Turkeys, Coyotes also top the list of game that Jason pursues in any down time he has from whitetails. He considers himself lucky to have whitetails and hunting be a part of everyday life. His wife Laura also shares in his passions along with their 2 children.